Boss Girl

As for most people, baking originally started out as a hobby for me. I still remember my first batch of cupcakes I baked back in 2015. I had never picked up a piping bag before and completely shocked myself with how natural it felt!

Baking remained a hobby for the next couple of years and it wasn’t until early 2017 when orders were piling up and I had to start cutting back on shifts at my previous job that I thought to myself, "This is getting pretty full on!" 

Fast forward to early 2019 and baking had become my full time job. It wasn’t long before I decided I needed my own space with a shop front, so I took the leap and opened my very own shop in the Capitol Arcade in Camden in July 2019. My initial intention for this shop was to provide me with a space to continue creating my custom cakes and at the same time serve a few cupcakes and coffee daily to walk by customers. Boy was I in for a treat. Within the first couple of months we managed to sell out daily and I had come to the realistation that my focus for the shop needed to change to focus on cupcakes and selling to the public! 

In September 2020, just over one year after opening my first shop, I expanded into the shop next door to my own. Knocking the dividing wall down my shop doubled in size to what it is now, allowing us to expand our treat range and prepare larger quantities with a much more spacious kitchen. Today I have a large, amazing team working alongside me everyday and I am super excited to see where the future will take Sweet Treats by Rhi!